Flamingos making email templates

/ September 1, 2022/ Flamingos

Creating email templates can be a lot of work. Coming up with the rights words to stands out and engage people can take more effort than most would think. Here are some reasons flamingos can help with this task. Flamingos are pink. Like anything else born pink, they will not tolerate things that won’t stand out. They are filter feeders.

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Hiring a panda to mediate a lawsuit

/ August 26, 2022/ Panda

It is no secret that the second a lawsuit starts, money will be spent. And lots of it. During these situations, no way to save money should be ignored. Maybe mediating lawsuits is fit for a panda. “You can find me in a tree during the lunch break.” Pandas prefer things to be in black and white, leaving less room

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Including a camel in your benefits package

/ August 25, 2022/ Camel

With the relentless competition to attract and retain good talent, companies need better reasons to lure candidates in. Maybe something not just outside the box but also out of the building will do. Here are some reasons to include a camel. Camels can move at 40 mph. For Los Angeles commuters, this is lightening speed. They can carry up to

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Giving your two-week notice in dog years

/ January 31, 2022/ dogs

Many have found themselves having to leave a job immediately. Also, many have feel if they will get asked to leave ASAP if they give a two-week notice. Maybe another form of time can help with this. “I need a calculator for this.” If you are sending the notice in dog years to a dog lover, hopefully they appreciate it.

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When a rabbit notices job hopping

/ January 28, 2022/ Rabbit

It is no secret that the job market is very different. Job hopping has become the norm. So much that even those who hop all the time are noticing it. “Their resumes must require a magnifying glass.” We notice rabbits hopping all the time but maybe it is time to ask ourselves if they notice us changing jobs. They may

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Getting a scarecrow to scare telemarketers

/ January 27, 2022/ Scarecrow

Getting a scarecrow to scare away your crows may no longer be solving a big everyday issue. Maybe there’s a way to keep the tradition of a scarecrow alive while keeping it relevant. “A call from this area code better be good.” Giving a scarecrow your phone to scare the telemarketers may be the sensation that 2022 needs. A scarecrow

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Promoting a llama

/ January 26, 2022/ Llama, Promotion

It can be a big decision deciding who gets promoted. Some change for the worst once they get promoted. But some are built for promotions even if they have four legs and a face that doesn’t look like they take any aspect of life seriously. “Your neck tells us that you are up for the job.” A llama doesn’t get

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Ask the bobcat if it goes by Robert

/ November 16, 2021/ Bobcat

There are not many ways to get on a bobcat’s good side. They are very territorial so if you find yourself working with one at a job you see yourself in for a while, you may want to get on his good side for the sake of the long run. Being on a bobcat’s bad side doesn’t usually result in

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A thirty minute layover doesn’t mean you’ve experienced the state

/ November 12, 2021/ Airport

It can be fun to share insights about the nature of Idaho or the insanity of Times Square. However, a business trip from New Jersey to Los Angeles with a quick layover in Denver does not mean you are now an expert on the people of Colorado. “It was such an experience being in a different world.” You can bet

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Ghosts find ghosting ridiculous

/ October 19, 2021/ Ghosting

Ruining professional and personal relationships has never been easier with the ability to ghost. But ghosts find the action absurd and an insult to their name. “Why not call it vanishing or dissolving?” People become ghosts when they die. Not after ignoring somebody who wants to go duck hunting for a second date. In fact, the reason we fear ghosts

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