Best Friends Animal Society  -  New York, NY
Part of a series to help shelter cats find homes. Photographs of the animals helped capture their attributes. Different color gradients were used for each cat's background.
Climate Save Movement
Different kinds of animals and natural elements were explored to simply yet effectively show small small animals as individuals. Font was adjusted to capture the ocean.
A Shedding Chance Animal Rescue  -  New London, CT
The overall goal was to show traits of the bearded dragon that make them their own reptile rather than a general idea of a lizard. The posture is used to convey the lizard's confidence.
People for Animals  -  India
 The same dog with different expressions was decided to show how much a "small" difference makes for an animals.  Different shapes were tested for the backgrounds.
Giraffe Conservation Foundation  -  Niger, Africa
Different shades of yellow and orange were selected to show how different giraffes can be. Different heights were used as well for the same reason. No words needed.
Friends For Life  -  Houston, TX
Food was needed after a cat gave birth to nine kittens. After being given photos of the cat with her newborns, the idea was to show each hungry kitten giving different expressions. This successfully helped the shelter receive donations of cat food.  
Chicago Canine Rescue  -  Chicago, IL
Part of a series to help shelter dogs find loving homes. Photos were looked at to help make illustrations that captured each dogs personality along with different background colors.
Toucan Rescue Ranch  -  Heredia, Costa Rica
Marketing Team wanted eye-catching display of why their animals are rescued. Symbols on a branch were picked to embody the main message and the natural world.
Orphaned Wildlife Center  -  Otisville, NY
This cartoon raised over 100$ during the holiday season. Website was looked over to decide which bears would blend well together with their varying sizes and colors.
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